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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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sight. at this hour -- scattered showers across the bay area. this right now at 11:00, a welcome sight at this hour. scattered showers across the bay area. and this rain could have a big impact on the wednesday morning commute. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> let's get right to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the conditions. jeff, where are we talking about this rain hitting? >> right now the center of the storm system is still offshore. again, areas of light rain have developed out ahead of the storm
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system, scattered in nature. you can see it's moving from the west off towards the east. that light rain really helping the fire danger here across the santa clara valley. this is the spot that always gets missed out. the computer is picking up on .02 per hour. very light sprinkle. but when you're in the car it's enough that you need the windshield wipers on and watch out for slick roads over the next three to six hours. spotty showers from south san francisco and novato. also for mill valley. coming up in the forecast we'll track exactly what it means for the morning commute. and when the heaviest is expected and weekend changes that do include rainfall. all right. thank you very much. you can track weather in your neighborhood using your smartphone. we'll see jeff in just a little bit again. download our free app and more on the impact on our commute watch "today in the bay" tomorrow morning right here at 4:30. okay. from rain to ice as in diamonds.
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a lot of bling at the oracle arena. it's opening night for the warriors. stephan curry and the entire gang honored before the gang. look at that rain. they received their championship rings and revealed that championship banner. nbc bay area is live at the oracle. sheryl, bling and basketball, a lot of love for this franchise tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. it was a great night tonight. season opener with a win. people are still filing out. usually after the game they have a paesht. they had a little party here tonight but it looks like the party is now over. now, the fans came in here two reasons tonight. one, to show their appreciation for the team, and the other was to see that bling. 1 the 1974-75 banner was lonely until now. officially now in the nba record books. >> we would not have been able to do what we did last year
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without you guys' support every night. 39-2 at home, 67 wins in a regular season, and to cap it off. >> reporter: the ring ceremony is what everyone was waiting for. coach steve kerr sidelined with a back injury was on hand. but the bling of those championship rings is what tonight was all about. there was a lot of ceremony before tonight's game, but you can't ignore warrior fans. >> warriors! >> reporter: players signed autographs and put on a show in their first regular season home game against the pelicans before a soldout crowd. >> we need a repeat, baby. best team in the world. best unity. we can't ask for the bay area better than this. >> hopefully repeat. of course we know they will. >> reporter: if they do they will do it on the strength of their loyal fans representing a city that has something to be proud of. >> and the warriors have let the whole world see oakland the way
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we see oakland. shining beautiful city, host to world champions. >> reporter: now, i was looking mate social media tonight. some friends were saying the warriors were showing off. pretty much showing some of that swag, but they are the world champions. and this is only the beginning. reporting love in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay news. look who else was courtside tonight. two of the three heroes who helped stop that terror attack of a french train back in august. an on this by sadler and spencer stone got a standing ovation at the game tonight in the warriors fans. all three of the heroes are from sacramento. our coverage continues later in this newscast. we'll show you how the warriors won this game and also online, we posted a slide show from the emotional pre-game ceremony. you can also see close-up pictures of those ripgs that's right there on our website. new at 11:00 tonight, they are still on the run but now we know what they look like.
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police released surveillance video tonight of three men who shot a south san jose homeowner while robbing his house. one of the suspects checking out the front of the house. then, he goes to the backyard. and he looks around in the garage. he then makes a phone call and another man shows up. a little later they come out of the home carrying a bag full of stuff and holding a gun. there's a better look at the two suspects. the homeowner caught them red handed and one of them shot him. he was not seriously hurt. all three suspects got away in this blue honda accord. the berkeley city council is considering new rules for landlords. hoping to make rental units safer after that deadly balcony collapse this past summer. we are live in berkeley where the council is still meeting at this hour. have they reached any decisions and what kind of rules are we talking about? >> reporter: they haven't reached any decisions yet, jessica. they are still meeting. proposal would require annual
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inspections for rental units. and tonight tenants say those requirements would make everyone safer. a memorial at the site of the berkeley balcony collapse that killed six young people in june, serves as a reminder of the importance of safe housing. >> i don't want to see another collapse. i don't want to see that. i cry every too many i go by that building. >> reporter: berkeley renter is at the city council meeting tonight to urge members to pass new rules for the rental housing safety program. >> this is ten years in the making basically. >> reporter: it's an issue city councilman says the city has overlooked for too long. tonight he introduced new recommendations requiring annual inspections for rental units. >> proof of the inspections be provided to the city so we can ensure accountability, part of it is increasing the number of inspections of properties in our city. >> reporter: tenants say holding landlord accountable will make everyone safer. >> feel happier for all the tell nants and everyone, frankly, who
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live next to a rental building and your house doesn't get burned down. >> reporter: the proposal comes after the city council adopted an emergency ordinance in july requiring landlords to have a professional inspect balconies. there are only four housing inspectors for thousands of units in berkeley. hopes raising inspection fees for violators will generate enough money to hire more. now, if this proposal is passed, city staff will review it and report back to the council letting them know what it will take to implement the proposal. staffing and funding are top concerns. reporting life ve in berkeley. ireland's president michael higgins will honor the victims of the berkeley balcony collapse tomorrow. he will join the mayor and plant a tree at martin luther king park in berkeley. now, buddhist trees are native to california and ireland. five of the six students killed in that june balcony collapse were from ireland.
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too young to be named but not young enough to be busted or booked. 17-year-old student was arrested on campus today. he's accused of dealing drugs. last week seven students overdosed on the prescription drug xanax. most of them -- five of them ended up in the hospital. police are not releasing the name of the suspect because he's a minor. the identity of that skull found in the santa cruz mountain two weeks ago is still a mystery tonight. but investigators were back out at the site with cadaver dogs. they're looking for clues that could help them identify who the remains belonged to. tonight it's unclear if the skull is that of a man, a woman, or child or if it's even ancient. we'll get youer junk off the street. san jose is cracking down so that you will clean up. city leaders tonight voted to raise the fines to stop people from illegally dumping unwanted sofas, tvs and other stuff on city streets. right now the fine is $500. but it will increase to $2500
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for the first offense, $5,000 for the second, and $10,000ford third. officials also want to change the wording of the ordinance from improper disposal to illegal dumping. >> we think the word illegal dumping will help the public understand what we're trying to educate them and get across. right now the code says improper placement of solid waste and a lot of folks don't understand what that means. we think illegal dumping will simplify that. >> final vote on the plan has yet to be set. next at 11:00, old school weapon helps stop crime. cops adding some new to their arsenal. >> like shock, disbelief, like feeling super discouraged. >> escapee from alcatraz could sink your budget. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. light rain falling across portions oflgs bacross the bay d
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we'll see how it impacts your morning commute. 4-hundred and counting. the
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rattling just won't stop ...a swarm of earthquakes has been shaking the san ramon area 400 and counting. the atling just won't stop. a swarm of earthquakes has been shaking the area for weeks. and it did it again tonight. last one hit about an hour ago just before 10:00 this evening. the biggest one, a 3.2 around 5:00 this evening. san ramone area has been shaking for the past two weeks. this one breaking a 25-year record for the tri-valley. back in 1990, 351 earthquakes shook alamo over 42-day period. they believe this latest one may continue for several more weeks. but don't worry, it may be unnerving but experts say it's not likely to foreshock to a larger quake. escaping from alcatraz just got more expensive. the famed triathlon is raising
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prices by 300 bucks. a lot of people upset and unhappy with the explanation. here's nbc bay area's ian cole. >> reporter: decades ago you would be shocked trying to escape from alcatraz, now you can pay $450 to do it while competing in the triathlon. the price just shot up to $750. >> i didn't believe it. >> reporter: sam is the president of the golden gate triathlon club. >> mixed feelings between shock and disbelief. feeling super diskor rajjed. >> reporter: the organizers of the race img worldwide, announced the entry fee for next year will jump from $450 to $750. a 67% increase. the reason? organizers posted to their facebook page, quote, escape from alcatraz has experienced tremendous demand in recent years, and with that, a growing need to maintain the integrity of competition and safety of all
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involved in this unique and challenging event. that is sparking outrage from try athletes. one write, today will go down in triathlon history as a very sad, sad day. and without answers, a very upsetting day. others say they won't race or volunteer anymore. >> you look at their response, it's been a lack of transparency there. if they actually told us that, hey, you know what, water safety went up 20%. >> reporter: he hopes someone else will organize a different escape from alcatraz or at least give it a shot. >> and restore sanity to what appears to be a pretty insane situation. >> reporter: in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. tough new rules on gun sales passed in san francisco today requiring video recordings of all gun and ammo sales. the but the city's only gun shop which will rules would apply to is closing for good.
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they've been around since the late '50s but it will be gone by the end of this week. store quloi employees says the owner is tired of fighting gun regulations. >> he just wants to retire. >> i would never introduction legislation to harass small business in our city. however, if a gun store in particular wants to close as a result of it, so be it. >> supervisor mark pharrell introduced the new gun laws. he says the new laws would apply to any gun shop open in the future. how safe are your tires? especially with the incoming rain. you could be driving on recalled tires and not even know about it. here's why. there's no government or industry database to notify people of a recall. the only way is for the owners to actually register the tires with the manufacturer. tonight the ntsb is calling for a national tire registration system. the ntsb says 500 people are killed nationwide and 19,000 injured each year in tire-related accidents.
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from 2009-2013, they recalled 3 million tires but only 44% were actually pulled from the road. what happens in china is good for cupertino. strong iphone sales over seas are boosting apple's bottom line. the cupertino based company is releasing quarterly earnings today. apple made more than $11 billion, beating analyst expectations. apple sold more than 48 million iphones which is 10 million more from the same period last year. the company says demands for the phones were up 99% in china alone. the apple didn't say how many watches were sold. not so good for twitter's earnings report. twitter says revenue was up slightly but still short of wall street's expectations today. twitter stock plunk plunged more than 12% after hours trading. polices for is now armed with nunchakus. you heard right, nunchakus. but you won't see the officers swinging them around like bruce
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lee. the first agency in northern california to add the weapons to its tactical defense. the officers say the nunchakus will help them useless force when restraining suspects. >> we can use them for joint manipulation, wrist control, compliance, that type of thing. >> now, the officers are not required to carry the nunchakus. they say it's just another option for them to control a suspect without injuring someone in the process. police must pass a 16-hour training program. okay. let's turn it over to the man of the hour, chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with a lot of green on his magic board there. >> we would like to see a whole lot more of this storm system but it's not happening right now because it's light showers ahead of the main cold front. we do think it's going to ramp up in intensity as we head trut the next 12 hours. we will tell you exactly when here in just a few minutes but i do want to get your to the areas that are getting some rainfall. i know it's not extremely heavy but a lot of you also have been excited about the fact of just
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getting a few rain drops, especially down here in san jose. you continually get missed by any kind of storm system we've had over the past six to eight months. so even a little bit of light rain is good news. you can see some of this rain down towards downtown, fremont, also mountain view. we're seeing the same thing as we zoom in closer from san mateo, palo alto, wood side. much needed relief for fire danger. for the east bay, it's been pretty spotty in nature. you can see it's dry across oakland over towards san francisco. just a few spotty showers right now. the one spot back in the east bay that has had some shower activity is livermore. you can see it's pretty consistent right now even back towards pleasanton on the 580 and 680 corridor. doing any traveling over the next three to six hours, do expect slick spots on the roadways. so let's take you to that morning forecast. the you're leaving any time between 5:00 and 9:00 in the morning do expect the possibility of rainfall throughout the entire bay area. we will also start off cool with 53 in the north bay, san
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francisco, 61 and down towards the south bay, 68. let's get a more detailed look at the stop system that is finally bringing us at least a few rain drops in. the main reason we will not see heavy rain or also gusty winds is this center of low pressure that has a lot of that heaviest rainfall wrapped around it heading off to the north into canada. we'll get the middle to bottom edge of this cold front moving across. once that happens, once the cold front provides the needed uplift in the atmosphere, that's when we will see our chances of rainfall increase. let's look at the forecast model. pin pointing this pretty exact when we do expect the heaviest rainfall. 5:30 in the morning. any time between 5:30 and 9:00 in the morning is when that rainfall will likely pick up in intensity. total, .5 to quarter of an inch, likely some of the highest totals from santa rosa to napa and coastline as well. by the afternoon hours likely a few scattered showers are left for us and clearing by about
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4:00 and 5:00 on wednesday. so let's go and take you to that microclimate forecast as we head through wednesday. san francisco at 60s all across the board. no matter which microclimate you're in, financial district, 67. 70 in palo alto. south bay, low to mid 70s. chance of rain in the morning. sun building by the afternoon. north bay, oath bay, tri-valley enjoy the temperatures across danville, pleasanton and livermore. no chance of 80s tomorrow. you will be in the 70s. up in wine country, 72 expected in napa. there are some important weekend changes i do want to go over. we will still have sunny skies on halloween. great news for any plans. but a fast-moving system will drop down on sunday and bring us another chance of showers. good news there and also some cooler temperatures. so as we round things out in the weekend forecast, the difference between saturday and sunday is about a ten degree drop. we'll see that in the south bay, east bay, and also for the tri-valley. just what we like to see this
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time of year, guys. >> bring it on. >> yeah. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, how about attending high school at oracle? the tech giant is shaping up -- shaking upped indication. >> sign me up. we have jimmy, too. >> drew barrymore is here and great show. you're not changing channel. one of the best-known pharmacy
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names in the country might be on the verge of disappearing. ===take vo=== one of the best found pharmacy names in the country may be on the verge of disappearing. rite aid is being purchased by walgreens, another pharmacy giant. the merger is worth more than $17 billion. rite-aid stores may be changed to walgreens or duane reid stores. the federal government however
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still needs to approve that merger before it's a done deal. ellison's next big thing, high school on the oracle campus. oracle announcing tonight it will build a new public high school for about 550 students right there in redwood shores. the company is calling it the school of the future. it's called design tech high school. it will focus on science, math, and technology. students won't have to pay a dime. at least that's what oracle says. oracle ceo telling us this was larry ellison's idea. the goal is to attract students from over the bay area. the school is expected to open in 2017. how about that? >> very nice. okay. you got a lot of diamonds on your fingers? steph curry has a few more. we'll take you back out to the oracle, show you how the warriors did on opening night. ♪
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here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso. fades) this is an unbelievable night for the players but also for dub nation. you support us every single night, every single year. we would not have been able to do what we did last year without your guys support every single night. thank you. >> bring on the bling.
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boy, that ring is huge. what a celebration. congratulations to the warriors. wow! impressive. >> jessica wants to for row steph curry's ring. can you arrange for that? >> yes. i was sitting up high. it was pretty shiny. you could see it up from where i was sitting today. there was a lot of off season talk about the dubs. in the media, disrespected. disrespected by other teams. openly vegas made them the third pick to win the championship this year after that tremendous season. tonight none of that mattered. they basically showed the pelicans how good they can be and reminded them of last year's four-game sweep in the playoffs. let's show you exactly what happened tonight in this one. all the pomp and circumstance this evening were pomp and stance as jim would like to say. the trophies and wings. players showing off their wing. banner, ownership hug gi and long night of celebration. luke walton make his regular season head coaching debut against a familioe alvin gentry.
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former assistant, now the pelican's head coach. he reminded everyone why he was the mvp tonight. first quarter from way downtown, curry knocks down a pull-up triple. he was just getting started. now curry gets the three off the screen. later, curry, long two huff the pick and roll. steph looking like a human video game right out aft gate. how about a little step back action from the other side. curry makes a layup underneath. one shot he didn't make night, i don't know. under 1:00 left in the first. to go. 24 points in the first quarter alone. he finished with 40. they won it easily and big, 111-95, the final. >> steph curry is unbelievable. i mean, he really. he makes the game seem easy out there. he gets his teammates easy shots. he's competing on defense. i think he recognized that, you
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know, we needed him early on. and, you know, he rode that emotion that he had and put us on his back a little bit. >> he certainly did. there was a baseball game by the way. game one of the world series. mets and royals. tied at 3-3. runner on second. flores, shot to first. misplaced the ball. comes in to score. 4-3, mets. shades of billy buckner. in the bottom of the ninth, alex gordon with just one home run all postseason, actually make that two. solo shot to center. off the closer. nodding the came 4-4. that sends this one into lots of extra innings. this one wasn't settled until the 14th. bases loaded. looking for redemption. former athletic bartolo colon on the mound. royals take game one. 5-4, dramatic fashion.
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the longest game one of world series history. quite the finish in kansas city. all right. the warriors win big tonight here. that the story. next up, one of those teams that was doing all the talking, houston rockets on friday in the state of texas. that's it for me here at oracle arena.
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all right. so definitely expect wet cosmonaut. >> yes. it looks like about 5:00 to 9:00 in the morning the cold front will move across with possibility of pockets of heavier rainfall. the morning forecast, possibility of rainfall. 53 in the north bay. east bay, 67. south bay, 68. cool with 70s and winds tomorrow. take it easy on the roads tomorrow morning. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drew barrymore. stephen moyer.


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